Blogrolling: Eric's Idle, Dr. Jekyll & Mrs. Hyde and propter doc

Mar 14 2008 Published by under Blogging

I'm adding two new ones and an old favorite to the Blogroll today.

Eric's Idle Musings
are new to me. A post on "just finish the thesis already!" drew my eye and the one on Machiavellian paper authoring sealed the deal.
I think I've noticed Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde in comments here and there but don't recall reading the blog. She ponders why we read retractions outside of our fields, networking and introduces us to the concept of the "pal-reviewed journal".
post doc ergo propter doc is the old favorite. I imagine my readers are already fans. In reality, I think the only reason this one wasn't on my blogroll already was because you can find the link on just about every other other science blog! Recent stuff on pseudonymous blogging and the relative importance of choosing a PI versus a scientific project is of interest.

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  • CC says:

    I loved Dr. Jekyll's explication of typical academic statistical rigor: "Screw the paired t-test, it's still yapping about p = 0.06."
    That other retraction she links in the schadenfreude post is also fantastic, and its implications deserve at least as much consideration as the Buck one's got.

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