Live-blogging a Vasectomy: PSA from Abel Pharmboy

Feb 22 2008 Published by under BikeMonkey

Everyone is already all over this but Abel Pharmboy liveblogged his vasectomy yesterday. As the DM noted at the new digs, this was a Public Service Announcement:

But the very serious part of this post is to educate men on how mild a vasectomy is relative to tubal ligation in their female partner. As I said, this is the least I could do in return for my wife's true suffering in bringing our lovely daughter into this world.

What some people will do for the greater good...

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  • In cycling terms, it was about as bad as I felt after my first century, way back before we had those anatomically-designed saddles. Mind you that I'm a very slow rider so a century took me over six hours. Thanks for the link, bro.

  • bikemonkey says:

    those suckers work for you? i've never been impressed with anato-gelpaddo-gew-gawery myself. my big issue is the shape has to be right. the old SelleItalia Turbo was nigh on to perfect for my anatomy. vary too much from that and I was in a world of hurt. even when they started tarting up that basic shape with cutouts or gel or whatnot, it didn't seem to offer any difference...

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